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Story from a participant

The laptops from Amakon Women Empowerment Inc have made a huge difference for my critically at risk students. Laptops allow them to use technology that they do not have at home. For example, in our Grade 10 class, out of twelve students only two have access to laptops at home. Just being able to create a Gmail account, a process that we take for granted, is a step they take towards becoming young adults. Many jobs require an email address to apply and these laptops have put my students on a more even footing with others. Furthermore, the laptops allow them to do the research needed for their assignments. Without the laptops their learning would only include a few printed resources, as Cornwall Alternative School does not have a library. As well as, the laptops have allowed students to access coding programs that they did not have access to before. With more careers and jobs needing an understanding of coding, the laptops are invaluable. Finally, the laptops give the students a sense of normalcy, has improved the learning and lives of my students. (Director & Principal, CAS)