CRA Charity Registration #: 808485338RR0001

Who We Are

Amakon Women Empowerment Inc., is a Registered Charity focused on promoting women’s success by providing disadvantaged and racialized women and girls access to success enhancing tools.  Our tool of focus at this time are computer access and skills, and Pertinent Educational Information at our free Lunch hour Seminars. We expound on these under “What we Do”.

What We Do

Amakon Women Empowerment focuses on 4 main areas to empower women.

1 We provide computer access to at-risk, pregnant and parenting High School girls who lack computer access at home for their learning and school assignments. To this end, we work with 2 High Schools in Regina (Cornwall Alternative School and the Shirley Schneider Support Centre of Balfour Collegiate) to provide the at-risk, pregnant and parenting girls there with laptop access for their school assignments and learning. Such access enhances their ability to remain and complete high school.

2  We provide free computer skills training for disadvantaged women and female New Comers to Canada, who want to return or enhance their employability, but can not afford the fees at for-profit computer classes.

3 We promote good mental health for Seniors by teaching them how to increase their social network through the use of Social Media.

4 We provide pertinent empowering information and resources on many topics of interest to women at our free Online Noon-hour Seminars, on the last Wednesday of every month.

A view of the free computer class

Firstly, I want to thank you for the privilege of being able to take this course.  I loved the teacher who had a way of explaining patiently to all of us not only about the computer but to help each of us achieve our goal.  I enjoyed not only meeting the different ladies but the fellowship and encouragement we each felt with one another.  I was able to gleam different ways to do up a card to give a student in the school.  What blessed me was anyone no matter what their age or background could learn to use a computer even if they had no training and understanding before this. Thank you again for the opportunity to grow and learn in this area. (GC)