CRA Charity Registration #: 808485338RR0001

Dr. Jane Ekong (Director)

Why I Love Being a Part of Amakon Women Empowerment Inc. (AWE)

I am Dr. Jane Ekong, the Founder/President of Amakon Women Empowerment Inc. (AWE). I am excited and thrilled every time I think of this organization and its impact on the lives of disadvantaged women and girls in Regina. Imagine a Teen-Mom with a month-old baby, having to drag that baby to the Public Library, on a bus in the winter, because she has no computer access for her school assignments and learning. Imagine another Teen-Mom who is provided computer access, so she does not have to drag her baby on the bus to a library in the Winter. Which of these Teen Moms is more likely to complete high school?

Envision how women and girls in Shelters could feel if they were able to upgrade their computer skills and thereby increase their probability of securing employment when they depart from the Shelter. Think of new Canadians who need improved computer skills to gain employment, become more fluent in English so they can communicate and contribute more proficiently to their communities.

Think about the mental health of Seniors who are no longer lonely/depressed because they are able to connect with family and friends through social media. These are the people for whom AWE exists, these are the difference that AWE is making in the lives of women and girls. I am very proud and thrilled about what this charity does. I like and appreciate its compassion and generosity. I treasure its underlying message to the disadvantaged and overlooked:

“You are not alone. We see you; we hear you. Someone cares about you. Someone is here for you. Someone wants you to succeed. Someone wants you to know that you count." We need more people, more someone's with whom AWE’s message resonates, who can join us in whatever capacity. Can you join us and be another one of those “SOMEONE?”

Ana Maria Gonzalez (Director)

I am a proud board member of Amakon!. It was not too long ago when I heard Dr. Jane speak passionately about her vision of encouraging and supporting women in vulnerable circumstances.  I felt those words perfectly described my dreams too.  I wanted to do something to contribute to make that vision a reality.   

 As a female immigrant myself, I am aware of the personal challenges that newcomers experience when they move to this amazing country. Language, culture, finances, and employment are just a few of the potential barriers to their success. It is very exciting to be part of an organization like Amakon. We provide support and training to help women improve their skills and boost their confidence. All of the new skills, equipment and confidence-building lead to seeking better employment opportunities and furthering their educational pursuits and overall future success.  

 We provide access to training, basic equipment such as computers, and food. These items could be easily taken for granted. Helping female immigrants and teenage mom gain access to these necessities in a modern world help lay the foundation for their future success.

Bharat Gautam (Director)

I started volunteering at the Under Privileged Women Centre 10 years ago because I was fed up with simply observing suffering in my city. I wanted to take action.

Over time, after talking to so many different people from all walks of life, I see that there is very little that separates me from them. I continue volunteering because it fills me with hope. I see a room full of new volunteers starting their training. I see hundreds of people continue to give their time and money year after year.

There are so many compassionate people who care and want to be there for people who are suffering, and that is what keeps me motivated to continue giving back to society. And now, here I am volunteering with Amakon for an excellent cause of supporting young teen moms and underprivileged women. I am just a stepping stone towards a brighter future and I am delighted that I am a part of the Amakon family.

A view of the free computer class

Firstly, I want to thank you for the privilege of being able to take this course.  I loved the teacher who had a way of explaining patiently to all of us not only about the computer but to help each of us achieve our goal.  I enjoyed not only meeting the different ladies but the fellowship and encouragement we each felt with one another.  I was able to gleam different ways to do up a card to give a student in the school.  What blessed me was anyone no matter what their age or background could learn to use a computer even if they had no training and understanding before this. Thank you again for the opportunity to grow and learn in this area. (GC)