Amakon Women Empowerment Inc.

Who We Are and What We Do


We provide computer access to girls in High School (especially Teenage Moms) with no access to computers at home for their school work. This fosters their ability to perform their school assignments, thus enhancing their chances of staying in school and completing high school. This opens doors for future success.



Women and girls in shelters and other underprivileged women often need to strengthen their computer skills to improve their chances of securing employment. AWE provides such training to these women and girls. 


Many new Canadians, especially female refugees, are in dire need of resources to help enhance their computer and English language skills. AWE fills this need by providing computer access and instruction which aids in the achievement of these goals.

Our Strategy

We do not provide computers to individuals. However, to make computers as widely accessible as possible to our target population, we partner with Agencies that already have established relationships with that population. AWE provides the computers, instructors and supervisors, when necessary.


Some of our partners include: Schools, Women and Youth Shelters, Non-Profits/ Charities, Community Associations and other Agencies that provide services to underprivileged and disadvantaged women and girls.


The benefits of success are not only material. The psychological impact is huge. Some of our graduates who had been frustrated about finding jobs because they lacked computer skills, who then succeeded after the training tell us the result was a skyrocketed self-esteem and self-confidence. They said they felt 10 feet tall. Isn’t that the kind of feeling everyone wants?  More people deserve to experience such exhilaration. 

Our Process


"I have learning and reading disability. I knew of an App that could help me, but since I had no computer, I could not use it. With the computers, I downloaded the App. It has made a big difference to my ability to learn. Now, my grades are up, I know I am going to graduate. That makes me so happy and I feel great about myself." (DAI)

"I take school very seriously now. With the computers, I can research and complete my assignments. It has helped a lot with my school work. Also, the computers have helped me stay in touch with my Mom who is in BC. That has been great." (AD)