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This is Michelle’s story!

Amakon Women Empowerment Inc., (AWE) is a Registered Charity focused on promoting women’s success by providing disadvantaged and racialized women and girls access to success-enhancing tools. We promote good mental health for Seniors by teaching them how to increase their social network through the use of Social Media. We also provide free computer skills training for disadvantaged women and female Newcomers to Canada, who want to return or enhance their employability, but can not afford the fees at for-profit computer classes. 

Michelle came to Canada in 2011, to join her sister who was already in Regina. She found employment as a teaching assistant for children with special needs.

Michelle was drawn to the computer classes being offered by AWE, because they were specifically for women and were also free of charge. This was great news for Michelle as she could not afford to pay for such classes on her limited budget. She was very excited to be able to take a class and further her knowledge without the financial burden that she would have experienced in for-profit computer classes.

In the first few weeks, she really struggled as she only had very minimal computer skills. Michelle says the teacher was incredibly patient, providing her with helpful instruction and was always available to assist her with her many questions. She felt very welcome and comfortable being in a classroom of women who were all working together towards similar goals.

Michelle gained a lot of computer knowledge including using Microsoft applications and PowerPoint. By taking the course, she was able to enhance her computer abilities and further her skills in her job. Michelle was then able to take the knowledge and apply it directly in the classroom as a teacher’s assistant in the special needs program where she works. Sharing her skills did not stop here. She also shared the computer skills she learned with some Seniors by teaching them what she knew and thereby enriching their lives.

Michelle wants to encourage people to support and donate to AWE so they can continue to provide people like her necessary access to classes and learning for continued education. To support women like Michelle in your community please consider making a donation by clicking here

A view of the free computer class

I like knowing about what my kids are learning in school so I can help them. With my not being able to understand English, I cannot help them. With this course I am understanding a little and I can read with them. (BK, this narrative was edited to make it understandable as BK is just learning English)