IT Literacy Program for Women & Girls        

Restarting  in mid-September

We provide computer access to girls in High School (including Teen Moms & girls in Youth Shelters) with no access to computers at home for their school work. This fosters their ability to perform school assignments, thus enhancing their chances of staying in school and achieving academic success. 


Free computer skills training for underprivileged women  (includes women exiting Shelters and previous stay at home Moms who want to return to work after their kids are grown) who need to enhance their computer skills to augment their chances of gaining employment.


Some of the skills offered include:

- Basic Computer Access

- Basic Word Processing Skills

- Excel

- Powerpoint

- Use of Search Engines

- Surfing the Web



By completing this registration form for the classes, you are giving AWE your permission to contact you via the information provided and to use your name and/or image for funding applications and other promotions of the Charity as it sees fit. If you do not agree with or object in any way to these, please do not register for the classes.


If you have any questions, please email us at

About AWE

A Registered Saskatchewan Charity with a focus on empowering women and girls.

Our Leaders

 Dr. Jane Ekong is the founder and Executive Director of the Charity.  

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